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Everyone knows you can dream. You can simply shut your eyes and the world is anything you want it to be. The men of Omicron Beta Lambda understand that when you wake up, the dream is still a dream. Without goals, ambitions, and mentoring, many dreams can never be realised.


In the Alpha Institute, we understand that working towards a goal means learning initiative, taking responsiilbity for actions and accepting the consequences of those decisions. These are the lessons we impart to the young men we mentor each week. The Alpha Institute is committed to the assurance that our young men will become forces within their worlds not victims of their circumstances. We are committed to preparing each boy with the tools necessary to make his dreams for the future, BECOME HIS REALITY.


 The Alpha Institute creates an understanding of the skills necessary to lead productive and successful lives within the family, school and community.


The  program culminates with a graduation ceremony, at which time the outstanding participants receive scholarship awards.

Program Highlights

  •  Interaction with Positive Minority Role Models

  •  Development of Relationship with Mentors

  •  Tours of African American Business and National

  •  Corporations located in various major cities

  •  Continental Breakfast served before each session

  •  Fellowship luncheon served after each session

  •  Educational Field Trips

  •  Awards Ceremony to complete program

Please visit our Youth Development page: 

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